After upgrade of MailStore to Version 11 some searches are not providing a result
Posted by Michael Pelzer on 4 May 2018 17:33


After upgrading MailStore to version 11.0.0, some queries return no results, and there is a possibility that the retention policies may not produce the desired result.


If you have already completed the Version 11.0.0 upgrade, you still need to rebuilt the index. The manual rebuilt of the index can be triggered in the administrative tools (do not cancel the process). An installation of version 11.0.1 can be performed afterwards.

Background information:

In version 11.0.0, an optimization to the upgrade has been introduced that should allow the user to speed up the upgrade process without rebuilding the index. This optimization has been removed in version 11.0.1, which means that the upgrade process now fully runs the index rebuilt.

For further information, please refer to the instructions for the update: Upgrading to 11

Article-ID: KB20180420-0-EN (Deutsche Version)

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