Suppress Exchange Disposition Notifications
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Problem: If you archive Exchange mailboxes, disposition notifications ("Your message was deleted without being read") are sent to the sender of the emails being archived.

Solution: This behavior of an Exchange Server can occur if you define a deletion rule in an Exchange archiving profile and have the "Also archive unread messages" option enabled.
Since these notifications are basically normal emails that are being sent through Exchange as usual, their delivery can be suppressed through a transport rule. Exchange Server 2010 and newer can identify and drop such emails effectively through filters.
In Exchange Server 2010 the rules can be found under Organization Configuration > Hub Transport > Transport Rules, in Exchange Server 2013 in the Exchange Control Panel (ECP) under Mail Flow > Rules. To create a rule proceed as follows:

  1. Set the message type to "Read Receipt".
  2. Depending on your environment, filter the subject for "Not read" etc.
  3. In addition, you can filter the message subject and body for "message was deleted without being read".
  4. As action choose "Delete the message without notifying anyone".


In Exchange Server 2007 the rules can be found unter Organization Configuration > Hub Transport > Transport Rules. Because email type filtering is not possible, only options 2 and 3 are applicable as filters here.

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