The MailStore Outlook Add-in shows the wrong archive
Posted by on 14 May 2019 16:15

Problem: The MailStore Outlook Add-in shows the wrong archive if Windows authentication is used.

Workaround: This problem can occur if the following conditions are met:

  1. MailStore Server is installed directly on an Exchange or Small Business Server.
  2. The server names that are configured for the MailStore Outlook Add-in as MailStore Server and in Outlook as Exchange Server are the same.
  3. There are further Exchange mailboxes configured in Outlook in addition to the user's primary mailbox.
  4. These additional Exchange mailboxes require their own login credentials.
  5. The credentials of the additional Exchange mailboxes are being stored locally.

Under these conditions the MailStore Outlook Add-in does not show the archive of the user currently logged on to Windows but shows the archive of one of the additional Exchange mailboxes, if it exists. The reason behind this is that the Windows credential manager erroneously does not return the login credentials of the user currently logged on to Windows as default credentials to the MailStore Outlook Add-in but the credentials of one of the additional Exchange mailboxes.
As a workaround you can define an alias name for the Exchange Server in the DNS of you intranet (e.g. mailstoreserver.domain.local in addition to exchange.domain.local) and configure it as server name for the MailStore Outlook Add-in.

Article-ID: KB20150116-1-EN (Deutsche Version)

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