The search does not seem to search the contents of attachments
Posted by on 22 Sep 2020 15:59

Problem: The search does not seem to search the contents of attachments.

This problem could be for several reasons, the most common are listed here.

Cause 1: Indexing the contents of file attachments slows down the archiving process and increases the size of the search indexes significantly. Because of this, the contents of file attachments are not indexed in the standard configuration.

Solution: Enable indexing of file attachments. How to enable indexing of file attachments is described in the manual chapter Search_Indexes.

Cause 2: Everything was set up correctly, but still text within archived file attachments cannot be found.

Solution: Before MailStore Version 10.1 only the first 10,000 words of a message were indexed overall. When multiple attachments were present, a maximum of 10,000 words was indexed. Of course, the messages and attachments were archived completely. If a keyword was not present in the first 10,000 words, the message was not found when searching for the keyword. Since Version 10.1 that restriction was removed. The archive indexes have to be rebuilt to fix this issue.

Another reason could be that MailStore Server was unable to read the corresponding file because no IFilter driver was available or because the file was DRM protected (copy protection), for example.

Cause 3: the IFilter is not installed or the installation has issues.

Solution: Install / Reinstall the IFilter.

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