A MailStore database residing on a network share cannot be opened
Posted by on 21 May 2019 13:24

Problem: A MailStore database file residing on a network share cannot be opened. The following errors appear in the eventlog:

The Master-Database in <path> cannot be opened. Unable to close database file <path>\MailStoreMaster.fdb

Unable to open database. The Master-Database in <path cannot be opened. Unable to close database file <path>\MailStoreMaster.fdb

Solution: You are probably using a Linux server with Samba or a Linux based NAS device (e.g. from Synology, QNAP, etc.). Please make sure that "Opportunistic Locking" is disabled in the CIFS/SMB server settings either by modifying Samba's smb.conf file or by using the specific administration frontend of the NAS. Also verify, that the archive folder is not being real time-scanned by an anti-virus or continous backup programs.

Hint: In case you have general problems connecting to a network share also see article (Debugging NAS Connection Issues).

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