Debugging NAS connection issues
Posted by on 14 May 2019 12:34

Should any problems accessing the MailStore Server files on the network share occur when using the startup script method, the net command must be executed manually to retrieve the underlying error message.

As the MailStore Server process is executed in the context of the "local system", the windows command prompt must be executed in the same context as well. Therefore the following steps are required:

  • Download Windows Sysinternals PSTools and extract the content into a directory on your hard disk.
  • Login to the MailStore Server computer as local administrator or execute a command prompt as administrator.
  • In the command prompt, change to the directory where you extracted the PSTools.
  • Run the following command to switch the context of the command prompt to "local system":
    psexec.exe -s cmd.exe
  • Verify if that was successful by executing the whoami command. The output should show nt authority\system.
  • Now run the net command from the startup script and try to isolate the root of the issue with the error codes.

Windows does not allow multiple connections to one network server with different user credentials. Error 1219 is shown in this case. Using a different name or ip address of the server may help. An additional DNS name on the DNS server or in etc/hosts could be created. When the NAS is connected to the domain, but you want to use a local NAS user, you should try to prepend the name or ip address of the server to the username.

Both combined would result in a command similar to

net use \\\share /user:\mailstoreuser password

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