Error message: "A problem was detected with an add-in and it has been disabled."
Posted by Björn Meyn on 14 May 2019 13:39

Problem: After starting Outlook 2013 or newer the error message "A problem was detected with an add-in and it has been disabled." appears and the MailStore Outlook Add-in is disabled.
The add-in is listed afterwards in the "Disabled Add-ins" section under "These add-ins decreased performance or caused Outlook to crash."

Cause: Outlook 2013 and newer are very strict when interpreting loading times of add ins. Therefore the MailStore Outlook Add-In should be activated permanently. This can be configured in the Outlook options.


In Outlook click File > Mange COM Add-ins (Slow and Disabled COM Add-ins) and check whether the MailStore Outlook Add-In is listed. When it is listed, enable it permanently.

The Add-in can be enabled permanently by using Group Policies. The necessary steps are documented in this article under "Add-in resiliency":

The ProgID of the MailStore Outlook Add-Ins is MailStoreOutlookAddin3.AddinModule

Article-ID: KB20131212-0-EN (Deutsche Version)

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