Outlook Exception "MAPI_E_NO_ACCESS @ IMAPIProp.SaveChanges"
Posted by Christian Mussmann on 14 May 2019 16:54


(1) Slow export of archived emails into PST files

(2) Errormessage/exception: "Outlook errorcode MAPI_E_NO_ACCESS@IMAPIProp.SaveChanges/CMAPIMessage::SaveChanges returned"

Suggested Solutions:

In case (1) you may have one or multiple root causes. First check if other software packages do any unnecessary "activities", like active Anti-Virus-Scanners that check file contents for threats before it is exported.

It is also possible that specific applications or dynamic libraries are not found as quick as it could be. This might be caused by not having specified the search path in the environmental variable PATH.

Also check, if the communication to the MailStore archive is fast enough. Is the archive local or accessed via a NAS connection on the network? We have addtional articles and help information documented elsewhere about the NAS topics.

In case (2) a communication could simply be failing, or the PST file could not be saved. Check if any "Group Policies" have been established that prevent access to or saving of the PST file.

Examples could be related to the Office Administrative Templates Policy "Prevent users from adding new content to existing PST files".

Article-ID: KB20171009-1-EN (Deutsche Version)

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