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SYMPTOM: After upgrading MailStore to version 11.0.0, some queries return no results, and there is a possibility that the retention policies may not produce the desired result. WORKAROUND: If you have already completed the Version 11.0.0 upgrade, yo...
PROBLEM: Searching MailStore Client or MailStore Web Access for _mydomain.com_ or _@mydomain.com_ does not return any results although emails have been received from that domain. SOLUTION: The MailStore search only returns results when searching for...
PROBLEM: In the Status column, _OK_ (Compatibility mode) is displayed. What should be done? SOLUTION: The search index was created with an older version of MailStore Server and has an internal structure different from indexes which were built using ...
PROBLEM: The search does not seem to search the contents of attachments. This problem could be for several reasons, the most common are listed here. CAUSE 1: Indexing the contents of file attachments slows down the archiving process and increases the ...
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