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QUESTION: What is the meaning of the MailStore Server Report value called "Auditing 15 Events of 29" under _Compliance_? ANSWER: In this report section are all configured Auditing settings summarized. The value count reflects events that will be aud...
QUESTION: How to schedule and send a MailStore Server status report by e-mail? ANSWER: In MailStore Server you can schedule a STATUS REPORT and send this report by e-mail according to a selected schedule. In order to accomplish follow basically two step...
PROBLEM: The following error message occurs when creating a new scheduled task: "The new task has been created but may not run because the account information could not be set." SOLUTION: This is caused by an error in the Microsoft Windows operating...
The easiest way to clean up the log files is using the _forfiles_ command which is included in the Windows 2003 Server Resource Kit. In recent versions of Microsoft Windows, the _forfiles_ command is included as a standard feature. To delete all tas...
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