How to automatically delete archived emails from Google Mail mailbox?
Posted by Daniel Weuthen on 24 Apr 2015 15:04

Problem: Setting up an IMAP archiving profile for Google Mail accounts with a configured automatic deletion rule in MailStore, does not delete emails from the Google Mail mailboxes but instead removes all labels and adds the "Deleted" label to the messages.

Solution: Please note: Using the generic IMAP archiving profile with Google Mail is not recommended. MailStore offers a special Google Mail archiving profile for that purpose.

If you still require the automatic deletion feature and use the generic IMAP archiving profile in MailStore, have a look at Google Mail Labs. There is a lab available called "Advanced IMAP Controls", which allows you to configure the behavior Google Mail when receiving IMAP delete requests.

To make the auto-deletion feature work in MailStore, go to Settings > Forwarding and POP/IMAP and configure the IMAP Access-section as shown in the following screenshot.GoogleDeleteIMAP

Please note that these settings only have the effect that deleted emails are moved into the trash folder. Google Mail automatically deletes emails older than 30 days from the trash folder of your Gmail account. As a result of this fact you should exclude the trash folder from archiving with MailStore.

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