MailStore reports the database error "Implementation limit exceeded"
Posted by on 14 May 2019 13:20

Problem: A database cannot be loaded due to the following error: "A database error has occurred. Code: 335544381. Details: Implementation limit exceeded"

Solution: The database has to be repaired with the included Firebird tools. No e-mails will be lost during that process.

The tools are located in the Firebird3_x86 and Firebird3_x64 subdirectories of the MailStore Server installation directory. Use the version, that corresponds to the bitness of your operating system.

Example: The database MailStoreFileGroup.fdb of the DefaultFileGroup from the directory c:\MailArchive\DefaultFileGroup cannot be loaded.

  • Stop the MailStore Server service
  • Move the MailStoreFileGroup.fdb into the Firebird directory
  • Open a Windows command prompt and navigate into the Firebird directory
  • The database has to be set into read-only mode
    •  gfix.exe -mode read_only -user SYSDBA -password masterkey MailStoreFileGroup.fdb
  • Create a backup of the database
    • gbak.exe -backup_database -verify -ignore -garbage_collect -user SYSDBA MailStoreFileGroup.fdb MailStoreFileGroup.fbk
  • Create a new database from the backup
    • gbak.exe -create_database -replace -user SYSDBA MailStoreFileGroup.fbk MailStoreFileGroup_repaired.fdb
  • The new database has to be set back to read-write mode
    • gfix.exe -mode read_write -user SYSDBA MailStoreFileGroup_repaired.fdb
  • Move the MailStoreFileGroup_repaired.fdb back to c:\MailArchive\DefaultFileGroup, remove "_repaired" from the filename
  • Start the MailStore Server service and check, whether the databases can be loaded successfully

This error can happen to the master database MailStoreMaster.fdb as well. Then you have to adjust the paths and filenames accordingly.

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