EWS Error Code: ErrorVirusDetected
Posted by on 14 May 2019 12:56

Problem: While archive email from a Microsoft Exchange server an EWS error with error code ErrorVirusDetected occurs.

Solution: An Exchange integrated anti-virus software prevents the delivery of the requested message to MailStore. Therefore the email could not be archived successfully. Due to false-positives of anti-virus programs, it is advised to manually review the corresponding message before deleting it from the mailbox.


Due to that error the archiving profile itself terminates with a non-successful status code. This behavior can be changed since MailStore Server 8.1 by modifying the global property public.arcclient.skipVirusDetected by executing the following command in MailStore's Management Shell:

store-setprop --name="public.arcclient.skipVirusDetected" --value="true"

Please note: Independent of this global property, MailStore Server is neither able to archive messages where the above error occurred nor delete them from the Exchange server.

Article-ID: KB20130815-0-EN (Deutsche Version)

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