BCC recipient missing in archived email
Posted by on 12 Jan 2021 11:16

Problem: No blind carbon copy (BCC) information available in archived emails.

Solution: Due to the nature of the BCC header, most email servers resolve the information contained in the BCC header at an very early stage of processing the message and afterwards strip the BCC header from the email. Therefore this information is not available in messages stored in journal or multidrop mailboxes. Please note that a BCC header in such mailboxes would make the BCC recipients visible to any other recipients in the TO and CC headers if they exist on the same MailStore Server. That is why we do not recommended to tamper with the configuration of your email server regarding the BCC behavior. 
Archiving by most other profiles will include the BCC header in the archived emails. Only Microsoft Exchange archiving profiles will not receive the BCC header, as it gets stripped by Exchange when requesting the email header.

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